Raining in Baltimore.

A few things I either learned or was reminded of while traveling to Baltimore this evening.

  1. I live in a beautiful town (Traverse City), but it would really benefit from some cultural and ethnic diversity.
  2. Both airport men’s washrooms I visited indicated that men clearly cannot aim. Can not. Can’t. Nuh-uh.
  3. Starbucks stores that brew bold after noon are the best Starbucks stores. (However, watch out for 2., above.)
  4. Noise-reducing headphones work very well for noise, but what we really need are talk-reducing headphones. Or talk-eliminating headphones, which would cost even more but be worth it, no doubt.
  5. If you can read this, the WordPress app for iPhone is really very nice.
  6. The air vents in DTW are exactly the same ones as those at Interlochen’s Dow Center for Visual Arts, and they are an aesthetically wonderful design. Very aero.
  7. Truly ubiquitous wifi will make the world a significantly better place.
  8. It is possible to miss your family before you even leave the house. Does that emotion have a name?
  9. I can’t keep up with magazines unless I travel. Layovers help.
  10. Carry-on portion distortion is the new epidemic and must be addressed. I think that guy has his groceries in that bag. Check your bag, folks, it isn’t that hard. Really.
  11. Speaking of cultural diversity, my Ukrainian cab driver was very happy to tell me how to drink a lot and not get drunk. His opinion was that American’s can’t drink because they don’t eat while they are drinking. Apparently, this is the key: Eat a lot, drink a lot, you don’t get drunk. I don’t think he was drunk at the time he was telling me this, but I am not sure.

I already look forward to my return trip.

And now, to bed.


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